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Hunting Stories and Information

Ducks Unlimitedís Waterfowl Migration Map
provides in-depth information waterfowl's more

Our own resident duck guide Steve McCadams has seen some great action this these duck hunting pictures show

National Shooting Sports Foundation has released a report about the importance shooting


Duck hunters can learn a lot about duck calling from the championship callers. Steve McCadams got some great tips from some of...Tennessee's best duck callers

The first Peregrine falcon has been trapped in Tennessee in more than 50 years...falconry

The 4th Annual Big Dog Predator Hunt returns to
Henry County....event

Beagles 'n Buddies...Rabbit Hunts Sure Sooth the Soul....cotton tales

You've just taken the trophy of a lifetime, and as you anxiously climb down from your tree stand, you're mind is racing with a million different emotions. You've tagged the deer and it's legally yours...Now what?

Kentucky Lake Resorts in Tennessee offer Lake Front Cabins and Condos. Make Your Kentucky Lake Vacation Plans....Kentucky Lake Resorts

Since most harvested deer are field dressed before being checked out and weighed, many hunters are curious as to how much their deer would have weighed whole. Here's a chart...that gives estimates.

One of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refugeís most unique visitors has to be the Sandhill Crane. For more on

Lucky turkey hunters often wonder how their trophy stacks up against other turkeys. Here's some info to score your turkey

The results of a U.S. duck hunter survey tells us what duck hunters really on

Young ducks and young kids met face to face this fall in the marshes of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge. Read on, for an in depth look at banding process

The spinning-wing decoy will be making its last appearance in Arkansas during the 2004-2005 waterfowl season. Commissioners officially outlawed the use of the decoys...for more information

Tennessee isn't known for producing record book bucks, but try to tell that to Jeff Greene of Dyersburg. Jeff bagged a...Monster Tennessee Deer

 Now that you've bagged a deer: What do you do with it? For a few field dressing tips and how to prepare it for the here

A few Paris youngsters bagged their fair share of big old Canada geese on the early goose season...for a photo of these young hunters

Lucky turkey hunters often wonder how their trophy stacks up against other turkeys.  The National Wild Turkey Federation has an official wild turkey records program...for details

The Geographic Information System specialists of the TWRA have been working to provide the public with easily accessible's more

What do you get when you have sixteen anxious beagle hounds and a swamp full of briar thickets? You get a good old... rabbit hunt

Thanks to the efforts of the Springville Waterfowlers Association and others, duck hunters who have physical impairments will now have a place to go thatís ready to hunt and easily accessible...continued

Without a doubt, one of the most effective calls for early season whitetails, is the fawn bleat. Here's more info...from  Paris' own game calling champion Brodie Swisher.

The TWRA urges waterfowl hunters to report leg and neck band numbers they find on ducks and geese to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...for more info

People, hunting or fishing in Tennessee without a license under the landowner exemption law, must carry proof that they qualify for the exemption, according to the's more

A traditional southern dove hunt can provide a lot of enjoyment in September, but May is the best time to plan a's how

Elmore Price lives and leaves quite a legacy as one of the pioneers in Tennessee fish and game management. Read more about this man's fascinating experiences and the growth of wildlife in

Hunter Education is mandatory in Tennessee for anyone born on or after January 1, 1969. Now the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is experimenting with a CD ROM home-education course...for more info

Turkey hunter Brent Knott of Henry County sure had a good opening day. Saturday morning was the first turkey hunt for his 8-year old son Caleb, and after walking about three miles in the rain and mud...continued

What started out as a sideline has turned into quite a business for 30-year veteran taxidermist Dickie Wooten of Paris. He has been helping sportsmen preserve their memories for over three's more

The TWRA offers a reward up to $1,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of wildlife poachers...for more information

One of the more debated dove hunting topics is, "What constitutes an illegal dove field?" are the answers from the TWRA

After many questions and debates, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to continue the early wood duck season in Tennessee, Kentucky and's the rest

If bitten by a deer tick, take two doxycyclines within three days. Researchers at New York Medical College say their study proves the antibiotic does more than cure Lyme disease, it prevents it. In the U.S. about 15,000 cases are reported annually. The disease causes fatigue, fever and joint pain, and can lead to severe arthritis and heart damage.

A report from the National Research Council stated that man-made swamps, marshes and bogs don't even come close to doing what natural wetlands do and called for major changes to the wetland mitigation portion of the Clean Water Act.

Now that duck and goose hunting is over it's a great time to report any bands that may have been collected off of harvested birds. This information is crucial in maintaining our waterfowl populations.
Please Take the Time Now!

A purchase by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service increased the size of  the Chickasaw and Hatchie Wildlife refuges in West Tennessee by 43,532's the full story

The Tennessee Elk Restoration project is slated for December 19th. "Bringing back elk to Tennessee, and the chance for our children and grandchildren to hear elk bugle will be remembered as one of the greatest conservation achievements of the new century", said Greer Tidwell, Jr., President of the Tennessee Conservation League
Read More

Just like something out of a movie...a flock of Sandhill Cranes is being led by ultralight  from Wisconsin to Florida by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Read about this interesting journey.

Saskatchewan Canada is a virtual duck and goose factory. Read  part 2 of writer Steve McCadams' experiences and observations while visiting this  beautiful area 
or first read
Part 1

An acquisition by the TWRA... will help to ensure some prime public hunting opportunities for middle Tennessee residents...continued

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service banned... the use of steel shot for waterfowling in 1991. Here's a report detailing that law's effects on our waterfowl population.
Toxic Shot Study

The information above is compiled by outdoor writer
Steve McCadams

    Steve is a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area and host of the The Outdoor Channel's television series  IN-PURSUIT.