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by Steve McCadams

    Turkey hunter Brent Knott of Henry County sure had a good opening day.
    Saturday morning was the first turkey hunt for his 8-year old son Caleb. After walking about three miles in the rain and mud they had worked a couple of different gobblers that were moving away.
    On their next to last setup during a calling sequence, Caleb leaned over and said he heard a gobbler. So, they headed toward the bird and set up again and began calling. They got into a root-hole behind a blown down tree that was about three feet deep. Then, they began calling but suddenly heard walking from behind them and quickly analyzed it was very close.
     Brent said he then gave Caleb a "don't move look" when out of the corner of his eye he noticed not one but three gobblers standing within six feet of them. However, the birds couldn't see them because they were actually below ground level. Brent eased the gun up and killed the lead bird
at what seemed to be about three steps!
    "It was my first bird," said Brent, "and Caleb's first turkey hunt. It was the most special hunt that I will ever experience. After five minutes of the ultimate adrenaline rush and both of us whooping and hollering, all Caleb could say was, 'when can we go again Daddy?'"
    The bird weighed 13.6 pounds and sported a five-inch beard. Congratulations on a fine hunt and especially on that father and son outing. Bagging a gobbler was just a bonus. Right?

Steve McCadams
  is a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area and host of The Outdoor Channel's television series  IN-PURSUIT. 



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