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August 29, 2012


Kentucky Lakeís late summer fishing scene has held up pretty good lately with a touch of fall in the air. Prior to a midweek warm up there had been some cool mornings and temps should moderate toward the cooler side by next week, according to forecasts.

Although drought conditions have lingered, anglers were watching the weather closely as the weekend approached to monitor the rippling effects of Hurricane Isaac. Thunderstorms and rain were part of the forecast but the real picture is changing daily, although no severe weather is anticipated in our area.

Surface temps have cooled slightly and are now hanging around the 80 to 82 degree range. Water levels were falling slowly this week and projections for the weekend are expected to see elevation in the 356.6 range at both Kentucky Dam and New Johnsonville.

Bass fishermen continue to see increasing acreage of aquatic vegetation showing up along Kentucky Lakeís shallow flats and island rims. There is an abundance of spiny leaf naiad, hydrilla, and Eurasian watermilfoil and fish are using it for both shade and sources of baitfish.

Weedless lures such as floating rats and frogs have worked as have some floating worms and fluke style baits fished around pockets and parameters of thick grass mats. Various topwater lures have worked too such as buzzbaits and chugger style presentations.

Around submerged grass spinnerbaits and Texas rigged worms have worked best but finding active baitfish schools has been the key. Finding some deeper grass mats with wind blowing in has been beneficial.

Some boats are still working main lake ledges and river channel banks with big Texas rigged worms, deep diving crankbaits, Carolina rigged worms, and drop-shot presentations.

Crappie have been improving as a few more fish moved up to midrange depths this week. Stakebeds and bruhpiles in the 9 to 14 foot depths were harboring decent numbers.

Baits of choice have been jigs tipped with minnows but just live minnow presentations are working well. A few deeper drop-offs were also holding crappie that were staying close to the ledges and hanging out around the 17 to 20 foot depth range.

Watch for increased activity from crappie in the weeks ahead as a lot of those small fish that were so abundant this past spring and early summer are now crossing the threshold and passing the 10-inch minimum length limit. Itís shaping up to be a good fall here on Kentucky Lake.

Catfishermen have continued to stalk the main river channel banks with moderate success when current was present. A lot of bluegill are still hanging out on those deep ledges too.

White bass continue to evade anglers as very few have been seen in the jumps.

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 Steve McCadams is one of the nation's best known Crappie Fishermen and a full time resident of Paris, Tennessee. Steve is also a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area.

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