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buchanan resort on big sandy river

December 28, 2010


Kentucky Lakeís winter fishing scene continues to yield to inclimate weather as cold temperatures and some windy days have not worked in favor of anglers trying to get out and about.

For several weeks running winter fishermen have faced challenging conditions as back to back cold fronts and brisk winds have not been kind.

As the New Year rolls around it appears a bit of rain and cooler conditions will return this weekend.

Crappie anglers have not fared well recently as most reports indicate the fishing has been slow. Often times those severe cold snaps stimulate a shad kill and that makes for tough fishing conditions.

If gulls are any indication---as usually they are---there has been a shad kill in the aftermath of recent cold fronts that quickly chilled shallow water and sent the forage base into shock.

Thatís not unusual and often times threadfin shad are victims of quick changes. It usually has an adverse effect on the fishing scene what that happens but watch for a rebound once moderate temps return.

Sauger reports have been few and far apart as not many boats have tested the water as of late and those that have indicate low numbers.

Most bass fishermen are riding out the cold snaps in places other than a white capped lake. They know a warming trend will occur sooner or late but until then most are opting to keep the boat in the garage.

Meanwhile, surface temps have stayed around the 33 to 36 degree range this week but will likely warm some this weekend as air temps are expected to climb into the low 60ís for a day or so before falling back to the mid 40ís by Sunday.

Lake levels have been very low. TVA really pulled the plug earlier this week as elevation was down to 354.3 in the New Johnsonville area at midweek, exposing sandbars and stumps that are not seen too often.

Projections going into the weekend indicate lake levels will remain low at Kentucky Dam and New Johnsonville. Unless heavy rains occur look for lake levels to remain low as not much runoff has entered the system these last few weeks.

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 Steve McCadams is one of the nation's best known Crappie Fishermen and a full time resident of Paris, Tennessee. Steve is also a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area.

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