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November 8, 2012


Kentucky Lakeís fishing scene for early November has seen TVA pull the reservoir down to it low elevation of winter pool earlier this week, exposing a lot of shallow stumps and sandbars for boaters.

While low lake levels are normal in late fall it bears repeating for boaters to use caution and beware of those shallow dangers that sleep silently beneath the surface. Unless you know exactly where you are itís wise to pay close attention to channel markers and resist the urge to take those short cuts across open water.

Warmer weather is in the forecast for the weekend as anglers have battled some nasty winds and cold temperatures earlier this week as fronts were pushed by east and north winds that annoyed fishermen at times. There have been some decent days in-between the cold fronts, however, when fishing was pretty good for bass and crappie anglers.

Surface temperatures this week were in the 53 to 56 degree range and may warm a degree or two this weekend before another cool snap enters the picture early next week. Water color remains clear across the reservoir.

Lake levels bottomed out at winter pool elevation late last week and earlier this week when readings dropped down to the 354 mark at Kentucky Dam and New Johnsonville. The last few days has seen a slight rise with forecast for the weekend projected to be 354.9 at Kentucky Dam and 354.7 upstream at New Johnsonville.

Crappie fishing had a decline earlier this week for a day or two when stubborn winds, light rain, and cold temperatures seemed to have an adverse effect. Fish were biting but sluggish and scattered. Those pesky cool fronts often slow the fishing activity for a day or two but it appears a quick rebound is on the way as temps are expected to be in the lower 70ís for the weekend.

Several crappie pulled back to deeper depths lately as the falling lake levels appeared to pull fish away from midrange structure that had been holding good numbers. Depths of 14 to 20 feet were holding decent numbers of crappie at midweek where fish had pulled back to deeper structure in response to the change in elevation.

There were still some fish taken in midrange brushpiles and stakebeds, however, as anglers worked them with vertical presentations of jigs and minnow combos. The depths of 7 to 12 feet had been holding fish pretty good last week and while action there diminished for a few days, watch for more fish to return there as a slight rise in lake levels and warmer weather could see a quick rebound as the weekend approaches.

Late October and early November have had more cool windy days than normal this year but the overall fishing scene has been pretty good.

Bass anglers were still tossing spinnerbaits around grass and scoring decent catches. Other lures such as Rattle Traps, Texas rigged worms, and some jerk baits were paying off too as the coontail moss, milfoil, and pondweed patches are still holding bass.

Gravel banks are paying off too as anglers cast shad colored crankbaits. Big chunk rock points, rip-rap, and sloping gravel points have been paying off as well, along with roadbeds and bridge piers.

Kentucky Lake is a different reservoir when lake levels fall to winter pool. Fishing is still good but anglers have to learn low water patterns and adjust.

Itís a nice time of the year to be out there and you get a different perspective of some of the topography that is exposed.

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 Steve McCadams is one of the nation's best known Crappie Fishermen and a full time resident of Paris, Tennessee. Steve is also a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area.

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