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Brought to you by: Fishtale Lodge
June 25th, 2009


Fishermen like hot spots and theyíve had plenty of them this week. Seems about every stop has been a hot spot but not because the fish were in every location. Hot weather has challenged anglers all week with temps in the mid 90ís most days.

In spite of the hot and humid days there have been some pretty good stringers of crappie, bass, and a few bluegill taken. On days when light breezes teamed with cloud cover it hasnít been all that bad out there in the early morning and later afternoon hours.

Lake levels are still a few inches above normal summer pool levels. TVA projections show elevation will be around 359.4 this weekend at New Johnsonville. Downstream at Kentucky Dam the elevation will be in the 359.6 range.

Surface temps reflect the warm night and hot days that have lingered this week. Readings of 86 to 88 degrees were the norm at midweek, up a few degrees from last week at this time.

Water color remains clear throughout most of the reservoir.

Mayfly hatches are now underway along the main river islands and shorelines of the Tennessee River. A few flies were also seen around the mouth of Big Sandy at midweek.

Itís time to dust off the flyrod and enjoy the action from a popping bug and a slow sinking nymph. Bluegill and bass are working the fly hatches so you can have some fun with a flyrod or just toss some light spinning gear with crickets twitched beneath a bobber.

Crappie were hitting pretty good this week but appeared to back off some on the biter earlier this week in response to the hot weather and mayfly hatch that likely offered an abundant food source that competed with the hooks of anglers. By midweek the fish seemed to improve and showed more interested in jigs and minnows worked slowly around deep ledges.

Depths of 18 to 24 feet are holding some fish on main lake ledges. Working the structure with jigs or jigs tipped with minnows has been productive but you have to fish slow as that summer bite is light and the fish are finicky.

Some deeper brush piles and stake beds were giving up fish as well. Best catches have occurred with cloud cover is present and a little wind helps out as that clear water at midday seems to deliver a slow bite at times.

Some boats were trolling deep diving crankbaits along main lake ledges and landing mixed bags of crappie, bass, catfish and a few sauger.

Some nice size fish were biting despite the hot weather.

In the bass department most fishermen are working the main lake drop-offs with shad colored crankbaits, Carolina rigged lizards and worms, and some spoons or jig and pig combs.

Current has been a factor in the afternoons as TVA is pulling water through as power demands increase. The current has helped the ledge fishing and also some shallow methods around river islands and grassbeds where schools of minnows are in abundance.

You can still find a lot of fish in shallow areas if you locate the minnows. Some topwater bites have been underway as anglers toss floating worms, jerk baits, and buzzbaits over grass.

Other techniques producing have been flipping and pitching boat docks and piers where schools of pin minnows are relating to the shade and refuge of covered docks.

However, most of the heavy stringers are coming from those main lake ledges in 9 to 15 feet with a few fish hanging deeper.

Catfish action has been fair along the main river bank on days when current is present.

You can beat the heat if you pack plenty of cold water or iced tea. Remember to keep those fish on ice too to protect their flavor this time of year.

Yes it has been hot but not unbearable. When the fish bite you forget about the heat!

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Steve McCadams
 Steve McCadams is one of the nation's best known Crappie Fishermen and a full time resident of Paris, Tennessee. Steve is also a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area.
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