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Hunt brochures and updated info are now available at Tennessee and Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge offices, kiosks and area sporting goods stores. TNWR provides hunting opportunities on all three of its units for white-tailed deer, raccoon, wild turkey, squirrel and resident Canada Goose. Cross Creeks provides hunts for all the above species except raccoon.

Hunt brochures have been distributed to sporting goods shops, refuge information kiosks, and have been sent via mail to those hunters that applied for the draw last year. Refuge hunt brochures may be picked up at the Tennessee refuge headquarters at 3006 Dinkins Lane, Paris, TN 38242, at the Cross Creeks refuge headquarters at 643 Wildlife Road, Dover, TN 37058, or sent to you by mail by calling 731-642-2091 and leaving your name and address.

All the popular refuge hunts will be continued this year, however as with most years, there are several changes to the refuge hunt program. A new non-quota antlerless hunt that was added last year to the roster of Tennessee NWR white tail deer hunts has increased in length to ten days. For this hunt, the bag limit will remain three antlerless deer, with all deer taken considered bonus deer.

Deer hunters again have the availability to apply for quota hunts online at the website for Tennessee and Cross Creeks NWR at or respectively. There is no application fee for applying for refuge quota hunts. Online applications will be the quickest and easiest way for hunters to apply for refuge quota hunts. Hunters applying online will receive an immediate confirmation number of their application by e-mail.

Quota hunts will now be conducted by a weighted draw giving hunters that were not drawn last year one preference point in this yearís draw. The preference points will be banked on the hunterís name; therefore to receive these points, it is essential that hunters apply using the same exact name as last year. New hunters are encouraged to use their official driverís license name when applying.

Hunters can also download a quota hunt application form at refuge websites. Paper applications must be received, not postmarked by August 1, 2011. Please mail completed applications to Tennessee NWR, c/o Kinsail Corporation, P.O. Box 7087, Arlington, VA 22207. Be sure to clearly and accurately complete all the information on the application form as incomplete or illegible applications will be discarded. Online applications are strongly encouraged to ensure that applications are received in a timely and complete manner.

Up to five hunters may apply as a hunt party. If you are applying online, you will be able to enter the other members of your group during the online application process. You will only need to enter your hunt selections

once during the process, but you will need the name and address information for the other hunters in your group. Any online applications that are received separately will be treated as separate groups.

If you are applying by paper application form, you will need to complete a separate application form for each

hunter in your group and submit them all together to the address listed above. Only complete the hunt selections on one application. Any paper applications that are received separately will be treated as separate groups.

A drawing will be conducted by August 6th with hunters receiving notifications by on that day by e-mail if they applied online, or by mail if they sent a paper application. For those hunters drawn for the quota hunts there are no additional quota hunt permit fees.

Refuge turkey hunters will note that the spring turkey bag limits have changed from one bearded turkey to state bag limits apply, Raccoon hunters on Tennessee NWR will be pleased to note that several new raccoon hunts have been added to the calendar totaling 31 days of raccoon hunts.

All quota and non-quota hunters, age 16 and older, must purchase a Refuge Annual Hunting Permit. The permit fee this year increased for the first time in many years to $15.00. This permit allows you to hunt on both Cross Creeks and Tennessee NWR. Once again hunters can purchase these permits through TWRA licensing agents at sporting goods shops. To purchase a permit through a licensing agent, it might be helpful to know the permit code of ď064Ē for a TNWR/Cross Creeks permit. Youth hunters under the age of 16 do not need an Annual Hunting Permit, however the adult supervising them during the hunt is required to have one. Again this year the Refuge Annual Hunting Permit is good for hunting on both Tennessee and Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge



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