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kentucky lake maps


Kentucky Hydrografx


 Lake maps are one of the best tools that a fisherman can have to increase his chances for success. Many different maps are available in many different formats. But new technologies are making it possible to greatly increase the accuracy and reveal many subtle depth changes that were previously undetectable. Even the best maps on the market can only show 5 foot depth changes, until now.

 But that has all changed thanks to the technologically advanced methods of a company in Murray, Ky. called Kentucky Hydrografx.

 Their advanced software, combined with lots of time on the water, has produced a program that will now show intervals of 1/2 foot or less. Making the many drop offs out in the lake much more visible and greatly increasing the chances to find these prime spots, even for a novice fisherman.

 At this time mapping has already been completed and maps made available for parts of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, including Blood River, Eddy Creek, Jonathan Creek, Big Sandy River, Leatherwood Creek, Little River and many more.

 The wide open areas of Big Sandy and the main river are ideal spots to use these maps. Dropoffs abound in this part of the lake and many are difficult if not impossible to find without a good map.

 This software will allow you to print out exact copies of the underwater terrain that you are targeting on any specific day. If you want to really get all of it's benefits, you can then add a gps and even a palm pilot to view the entire area in real time while you are fishing. It even provides 3-D imaging to give you the most intricate view of the creek channels and ledges.

 They also offer Sidescan Maps using their unique sidescan technology. These maps show each piece of structure from the sideview, providing even more detail than before.

  Just check out their...Big Sandy North Sidescan Maps

 Whether you're a bass fisherman trying to find those deep water haunts of the big ones or looking for all the structure and the many drops that provide great crappie action, these maps will give you an edge.

 I use these maps myself and I can tell you this product is probably the best money I've ever spent to catch crappie on Kentucky Lake. Depth finders changed everything in the fishing world. Now it has been taken to the next level.

For more information visit their website: .



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