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by Steve McCadams

    This week’s big fish tale comes courtesy of Fred Vinn of Springville. Vinn, who retired and moved from Michigan to the Country Junction area a couple of years ago, took a crappie fishing trip recently on Kentucky Lake.

    While fishing with visiting friend Milton Oglesbee of Florida, Vinn ventured down around the little rock island in Big Sandy near Sulphur Well Island, known locally as “catfish island”. The name is appropriate as Vinn’s crappie pole bent double after the bobber disappeared.

    “I was using only 8-pound test line and a bobber baited with a minnow in hopes of fooling a few crappie,” chuckled Vinn. “The water was about 13 feet deep and we had landed about 15 or 20 small crappie. Then came the big bite.”

    Some 45-minutes later the big fish that didn’t get away turned into a 40-pound flathead catfish!

    It just goes to show that a Kentucky Lake fishing trip can be full of surprises. That big one is always out there and he doesn’t always get away!

    Vinn had been visiting the Kentucky Lake area for 25 years before retiring and moving here. Now he says he fishes all the time and loves it. And, he’s got one heck of a fishing tale—and pictures of the fish to back it up--- to tell his buddies too!

Steve McCadams
  is a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area. He has also contributed many outdoor oriented articles to various national publications.



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