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November / 2014
Great day crappie fishing Daryl Newport and Danny Richard
Photo curtsey of Crappie Action Guide Service


There was a time when seeing hordes of bass boats headed to Kentucky Lake during the month of December was rare. Not so anymore.

Winter just arrived on the calendar last Sunday yet the late fall period of November and the weeks in December leading up to winterís arrival pretty much dropped the curtain on bass fishing in times past for the bulk of anglers.

Crappie and sauger fishermen were known to venture out on a regular basis but not bass fishermen as the colder surface temperatures and bad weather curtailed activity. Once surface temperatures drop into the mid to low 40ís bass become lethargic and reluctant to chase down a fast moving lure. Although not totally dormant they do become sluggish.

Mild weather the last several weeks has been attractive to bass anglers who have extended their season and taken advantage of the abundance of days when above average temperatures teamed up with calm winds to provide nice fishing conditions.

Anglers had a lot of opportunities to battle cabin fever and fish at the same time. Boat ramps at places like Paris Landing State Park have told the story. In years past you might see two or three bass boat trailers parked in the lot but lately it looked like a tournament was underway even on some weekdays.

Several days had 30 to 40 trucks and boat trailers parked in the lot as anglers were out in force. It has been that way all over the lake too as rooster tails emerged from fast moving rigs as they zoomed down the main Tennessee River channel.

No doubt the weather has been more in favor of fishermen than waterfowlers who are yearning for a weather change with cold temps and brisk north winds, which is exactly what fishermen donít want this time of year.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Lakeís elevation is resting at 355.3 at both Kentucky Dam and New Johnsonville as the weekend approaches. Lake levels are up a few inches this week as the lake dropped down to winter pool for a few days but had a slight rise at midweek.

Surface temperatures are in the 47 to 49 degree range. Water color is clear across most of the reservoir.

No doubt bass fishermen have been catching some fish along rock and gravel points while tossing crankbaits, jig and pig combos, Alabama and Carolina rigs and some spoons. Some are working ledges too at the mouth of big bays.

Not much going on in the sauger department as anglers are just not catching them. The sauger population has been in decline for quite some time and isnít showing any signs of a rebound.

Crappie fishermen have been out in force too as several decent stringers have been taken. Depths of 9 to 12 feet had been producing crappie as anglers worked stakebeds and brushpiles near drop-offs. As cooler weather approaches watch for crappie to pull back to deeper sides of main lake ledges in the 18 to 22 foot depth ranges.

It appears cooler weather will enter the picture next week as the weatherman indicates some cool fronts are on the horizon. Anglers canít complain, however, as theyíve enjoyed a nice December at a time when bad weather could have kept them indoors.

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 Steve McCadams is one of the nation's best known Crappie Fishermen and a full time resident of Paris, Tennessee. Steve is also a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area.

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