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Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has now added reservoir fish attractor maps on their website. The maps show the location of shallow and deep water fish attractors on most of the major reservoirs across the state. The maps contain the GPS coordinates for the deep water attractors.

            To access the maps go to On the left menu, click “For Anglers”. On the angler’s page, click on “Reservoirs”.  On this page, click on “Reservoir Maps”.  The maps can be found under “Publications”.

    TWRA has been providing fish habitat in the form of shallow water stake beds and deep water bush piles since the 1960’s. Biologist’s discovered in studies and research that an acre of brush attracted eleven times more fish than an area without brush. This habitat or “fish attractors” installed by TWRA is used by various species of fish and provide excellent opportunities for anglers to catch fish.

    TWRA marks the location of these fish attractors with either a buoy or a PVC pipe identified by TWRA logos that extend above the waterline. In the past couple of years’ selfish anglers have vandalized these habitat structures by either removing the PVC pipe or cutting the cable to the buoys, thus making these beds invisible to other anglers.

    “We understand that the majority of the anglers appreciate these fish attractors built with their license dollars and it’s a small minority who chose to vandalize these structures and jeopardize the continuation of this program,” stated Tim Broadbent, TWRA Region I Fisheries Biologist. “The average cost of building a shallow water fish bed marked with plastic pipe is between $35 and $40; the price of a deep water bed with buoy and hardware is a little more than $250.”

    The TWRA requests that anglers who witness the destruction of any part of a shallow water or deep water fish attractor contact the TWRA Region I Office at 731-423-5725 or toll free at 1-800-372-3928. TWRA also requests that anglers who fish around the attractors not to anchor or tie-off to the buoys or markers.

Steve McCadams is a professional hunting and fishing guide here in the Paris Landing area. He has also contributed many outdoor oriented articles to various national publications.



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