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The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is announcing the launch of the Tennessee Birding Trails website. The birding trails project, spearheaded by TWRA state ornithologist Scott Somershoe, provides details on more than 130 of the best places to watch birds across the state.

“The new website ( is designed to be simple and user-friendly so users can find bird watching locations and information on each site with little effort,” Somershoe said. “Birders can search for places to go birding using four different search options, including region of the state, specific species that birders often seek out in Tennessee, by species group, and by season.”

The value to the birders and travelers from out of state or folks unfamiliar with the area is extensive details on each site. This includes what species can be found and when, habitats and specific places to see, links to species lists from each site submitted by birders to, and directions to navigate to the sites and to get around once you arrive. The website also has links directly back to the Tennessee Watchable Wildlife website ( for species and other features.

Contributions to the Watchable Wildlife Fund help maintain and develop each of the websites. Donation information is available on the home page of each website.



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