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    At its recent meeting the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission made a few changes for upcoming hunting seasons.

    For big game hunting seasons, the TFWC changed the definitions of antlered and antlerless deer.  Previously, a deer with antlers less than three inches in length were considered antlerless.  With the commissionís change, an antlerless deer is now any deer with no antler protruding above the hairline, and antlered deer are any male or female deer with antlers protruding above the hairline.

   From now on, a deer harvested with any antler protruding above the hairline will count toward the statewide antlered deer limit of two.

    The commission approved two additional deer hunting units, C and D. The antlerless bag limit for archery is four and one during the muzzleloader season in these units. For gun season, the bag limit is one in Unit C for the first 16 days and one in Unit D for the first seven days.  Some previous Unit A and B counties are now in other units.  (An updated deer unit map is available on the TWRA website).

    Four counties were added to Unit L which border the Mississippi River. Lake, Dyer, Lauderdale and Tipton counties are the new additions making all West Tennessee counties now classified in Unit L.

    A significant change came to fall turkey hunting. The TFWC voted to reduce the fall bag limit to one for all counties currently open for fall turkey hunting. A hunter may harvest a turkey in each open county. Also changed was the bag limit for the Young Sportsman from one bird for the two-day hunt to one bird per day.

    Other changes can be viewed at


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